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Messagede jamecloud » 22 Sep 2018 18:23

THE MATTRESS INDUSTRY HAS TRANSFORMED INTO A HIGH TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY within the past few years. The two merchants and producers have adopted technology in a number of types to show themselves as purveyors of greater sleep.

Sleep Number is a prime example of a Shop That is now a laboratory for sleep. In 2014, the business introduced a way for evaluation, the SleeplQ people sleep. A individual is determined by a specially outfitted futon mattress as a technician arranges a range of switches which create a display image that profiles that the individual's pressure points in varying colours whether or not she (or equally ) is determined by the futon mattress. Stalks the SleepIQ.

Sleep Number introduced the tech that was SleeplQ . "We Would like you to experience our technologies," said Kevin Brown, chief promoting officer to the brand. "We place you and your spouse on the bed and also reveal that the difference in comfort and stress relief. We can guide you to the ideal futon mattress". The common question:What is the queen size futon mattress?

Technology is essential to the brand positioning of Sleep Number. "We are a consumer brand with technologies," Brown stated. "We discuss technology rather a lot once we speak about what customers want."

Diagnostic technology is not restricted to the amount. Kingsdown has gone this path using its Bed Match computer evaluation mattress, which enables user to pick the futon mattress that's ideal for them by letting them examine mattresses and futon mattresses .

Marketing through technology is equally important to Kingsdown because it Would be to Sleep Number. "Most customers need tech support to find out the ideal mattress for these," explained Kevin Damewood, executive vice president of marketing and sales. "We have done diagnostics around 9.8 million people and we've got these evaluation mattresses put up all over the globe."

Kingsdown has integrated technology Sleep Smart mattress. This product has a 3 zone air conditioner system with a cloth along with several inches of memory foam. It empowers the user to inflate the bladder .

To sellers, technology has to do with all the substances Used to fabricate the frames on and the futon mattress.

A lot of the latest product introductions of Therapedic are created In its own Tommy Bahama lineup, like SpringBoard Foam and the Floating Foam utilized With brand foam technology. "These fresh foams are high resiliency and stress reducing foams that boost blood flow and help in a more relaxed and deeper sleep," explained Gerry Borreggine, Therapedic's president. "The distinctive foams we're using are the identifying points involving the new Tommy Bahama lineup and most of othermattresses."

Latex has turned into a material in production in the last several decades. Gold Bond is marketing mattresses known as Vytex, which it established. Vytex is a natural latex manufactured out of a procedure which eliminates the impurities, which makes it breathable and hypoallergenic.

Gold Bond utilizes Vytex a six SKU lineup, in its own app That surfaced during the spring High Point industry. "We have gotten phenomenal feedback from customers," stated Bob Naboicheck, Gold Bond's president.

The Business has introduced a line of futon mattresses created out of Carpenter with Serene foam Co., which will be an open cell foam with all the durability and texture of latex. "We are small and we could turn on a dime with new technology," Naboicheck explained. "We are able to market with new technologies very fast."


Dormeo's technology that's in its own Octa Spring program. As Clarified the organization's CEO, by Jon Stowe, Octa Spring is a 3 dimensional structure with memory foam that unlike memory foam constructions which make someone feel as though she or he is currently sinking into the futon mattress pushes back to offer aid.

Getting Out the Word

So has becoming while technologies has become central to mattress that is brand new product growth The information out to customers about those technologies. The technique is currently going to point of purchase materials and retailers who have training programs.

Damewood stated Kingsdown has been running training Apps for 15 decades. "Using the technology is 1 thing, but incorporating it to the sales culture in the shop level is just another," he explained. "You want to reveal the salespeople the longer they know about the item, the consumer dissatisfaction they'll encounter and the more money they will make."

He said sales partners' answers to instruction was "great," and it is yielding positive customer effects. "Consumers tell us that they feel a good deal safer at the mattress purchasing procedure," he explained. "It is plausible since there are scientific facts and statistics involved, making it even more believable to them"

Gold Bond's training efforts Also Have led to favorable Comments from customers and partners. "The very first thing sales partners state when they lie back on the Vytex substance is'Wow.'" Naboichecksaid. "The answer from the customers is phenomenal, stating:'This really is the very best thing I ever did.'" Gold Bond supplements its practice with point of purchase materials comprising cutaways of specs and their mattresses.

Dormeo makes use of point of purchase materials Consciousness about the Octa Spring app, which focus on the features and advantages of the system. However, the business has other methods of getting out the word. "We are licensing the technology to additional types like office chairs," Stowe said. "We have also started a radio promotion campaign on Sirius."

Therapedic has embraced a lifestyle approach Public about its own technologies. "Research does show a brand new mattress will enhance the quality of sleep," Borreggine explained. "Instead of using specialized information and product information concerning the brand new goods, we've chosen to use lifestyle vision [on our packaging] along with the item's picture to communicate the advantage narrative."

New technology in mattresses are On the road. Dormeo will present a memory foam with gel, which delivers a element that's meant to answer customers' concerns.

Customatic Bedz is currently readying the launch Person's body distribute weight for support and form. It's also currently cooperating with iFit, the health tracking products business, on a sleeping system which incorporates sleep information with information like work, exercise and meals habits. "We are taking a look at a more comprehensive strategy about the best way best to enhance a individual's sleep," explained Phil Sherman, spouse at Customatic. "Sleep tracking is large."

Sleep Number is introducing what it calls Partner Snore Will be a part of its mattress bases that are adjustable. "You will have the ability to correct your position to ease moderate snoring," Brown stated.

These technologies Aren't just for technology's sake, Brown added. They are to assist to increase customers' understanding about The importance of sleep for their own health and wellbeing.
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Re: Projectif

Messagede Daniel » 22 Sep 2018 19:31

il serait préférable d'avoir plus d'informations avant de répondre:
marque et type de microscope, photographie du "projectif " noir.

Néanmoins, à priori il s'agit d'un oculaire 10x.
Au prix d'un léger décalage de la mise au point, il donne une image réelle comparable à celle d'un projectif de 2,5x

Il ne peut y avoir de comparaison entre le champ vu en image virtuelle à l'oculaire et le champ photographié avec un projectif ou un oculaire utilisé comme projectif.
Toutefois, il apparait comme probable à priori que le rectangle du champ photographique aura une surface moindre que le disque vu ...
Daniel Nardin
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Re: Projectif

Messagede 6le20 » 23 Sep 2018 05:27

Bonjour Jamecloud et je te souhaite la bienvenue sur le forum ! :D

Daniel a raison, pour une réponse pertinente à ton problème, il faudrait un peu plus de détail sur ton matériel.

Pour mettre des images, il est bon de lire ces recommandations :
- L'extension du fichier doit être JPG (jpeg)
- La taille maximum des images à poster ne doit pas dépasser 800 x 1200 pixels (largeur x hauteur)
il est conseillé de poster dans un format écran courant, 1.3 x 1 ou 1.5 x 1 (expl: 640 x 480 - 800 x 600 - etc .. )
Évitez les images trop petites, elles sont souvent illisibles !
- Le poids de chaque image ne doit pas excéder 256 ko
- Maximum de fichiers joints par message = 5 **


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Re: Projectif

Messagede Hervé » 23 Sep 2018 11:37

L'idéal serait de photographier un lame micrométrique avec un objectif par exemple 10X, si on connait la taille du capteur de APN on peut connaitre le facteur de grandissement
Par exemple X mm sur ma lame à l'objectif 10X = Y mm soit la largeur du capteur de mon APN.

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